925 Sterling Silver, Copper & Brass

``The feel of a handcrafted high-end metal wood guitar pick between the fingertips is as relationship building as the guitar is to the guitar player.``

NorwegianWoodPickers Custom Shop is on a dedicated quest to connect the guitarist even further with the instrument, combining the right woods, metals, and specs. — the perfect combination of elements to produce the purest tone possible from the instrument.

The Custom Shop crafts high-end metal/wood guitar picks that contribute to tonevolumeattack, and accuracy. Not to mention the feel. We believe the guitar pick is the most overlooked part of a guitarists rig and we would love to be part of nudging that attitude in the right direction.

Guitar players know how to get the sweetest tones from their instrument, e.g. pickups, bridge, nut, strings, amp, setup, pedals, and cables. Tone Chasers by heart, they will always be looking further for that ultimate tone, they simply can’t stop.

The Custom Shop craft picks from 925 Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass. Woods used are Apple, Bird Cherry, Oak, Blood Beech, Hazel, Ash & Kebony Maple.

“One bright morning you might wake up and open a guitar case with a new guitar inside with a tag attached to the neck that reads… “Please Consider NOT Playing This Precision Handcrafted Wood Instrument With A Plastic Pick.” — Thor M. Renslemo